Miss Muddy – A letter to my last childhood dog

Muds, my sweet girl, thank you for being in my life. You are the last family dog of my childhood and I think that this is why it’s so hard to write this. You were the most laid-back dog I’ve ever met, who loved to bark at anyone who walked through the door, then immediately laid on your back for belly rubs. I could always count on that when I walked through the door.

I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. A little back story – our family had 2 dogs, Casper and Chloe, and we were fostering a dog named Chessie from the animal shelter. It was a surprise when we found out that Chessie was pregnant. My sister and I were all excited because there were going to be puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies? My parents made a bed in the living room for when Chessie was ready to give birth and make it as comfortable as possible. Well that didn’t go exactly as planned at first.

I was 12 years old, sitting on the loveseat in the living room watching tv. It was a nice day outside in September and mom & dad were working out in the backyard. All of a sudden Dad came running into the living room cradling a puppy! Chessie was outside with my parents and had given birth in the garden by our deck!

Chessie, now inside, gave birth to 6 more puppies. As a 12-year-old I had never seen an animal give birth, so it was truly an amazing experience to see that with our foster dog. Well now we had a total of 10 dogs in our house. A dog lovers dream! When the pups were ready to be adopted, our family adopted that first puppy born in the garden and named her Muddy for obvious reasons.

Muddy, you were there for everything in my life. Middle school through college, boyfriends, heartbreaks, moves, deaths, marriages, and everything in between. I know I haven’t lived with you for 5 years, but one thing has remained the same, my love for you sweet Muddy girl.

I am at peace because I know that you are in a much, much better place.  I know that you have gained your furry little wings that you so rightfully deserve. I hope that you have already met with daddy, Casper, and Chloe up there in Heaven and that daddy gives you endless belly rubs, since I no longer can.

You will forever remain in my heart and soul. Thank you for being one of my best friends; I will carry you with me everywhere I go until we meet again.

09/25/2004 – 02/01/2019

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